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Weight Loss Patch

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Product Description

Weight Loss Patch
20 Weight loss patches, 30-Day Supply

Recommended Dosage Schedule: Apply 5 days in a row for 8 hours per day following a 2 day rest period.

Weight loss patches are the latest in the market when it comes to shredding body fat. In fact, these have already become a huge hit. An advanced weight loss system that truly works! Let's face it, not everyone has the time, energy or likes going to the gym. That is why Midwest Nutrition Distributors found the best weight-loss solution. All it takes is just one patch.

The benefits of using weight loss patches are far more compared to conventional pills. People who are overweight or obese are opting for a weight loss patch over other conventional methods of losing weight because they are more convenient and easier to use.

Anyone who is skeptical about weight loss treatments can use a weight loss patch without any hesitation. These patches contain natural ingredients that have been clinically proven to be effective and have no side-effects too. If rightly used, a weight loss patch can help you lose about 2-4lbs in a week.

The best part about using patches is that you will no longer have to remember your pill doses. All you have to do is stick a weight loss patch and forget it for an entire day. Furthermore, these patches use an even more effective approach for weight loss. Upon applying the patch, weight loss ingredients are absorbed directly into the skin and begin to burn stubborn body fat and suppress the user’s appetite.

Generally, diet pills don’t work. In most cases, a great deal of time is wasted on utilizing these ingredients. A weight loss patch is far more effective due to the nutrients released straight into the blood stream.

Midwest Nutrition would like to send a special shout out to our past customers who have battled with obesity/weight loss issues, we constantly receive phone calls and letters regarding amazing weight loss success stories! We want you to try our weight-loss patch system because everyone deserves a happy and healthy life!

Information per Medical Studies:

Midwest Nutrition Distributor's weight loss patch will give you something extra to assist you in burning body fat and reach your desired weight goals. This patch is what you have been

looking for to help you become the slim, trim, fit you that you desire to be. Simply apply the transdermal time-release patch and then our fat burning peptide formula will be absorbed transdermal into your bloodstream, where it can help you shed unwanted pounds and inches, if you eat sensibly (a healthful diet) and exercise.

Everyone’s metabolism, body-type, dietary goals and calorie intake are unique. Our fat burning weight loss patch can assist. You may want to lose only a few pounds to fit back into those skinny jeans you were wearing last year, lose weight for health reasons, or you may desire to turn over a new leaf by reversing years of dietary neglect in exchange for a slimmer and healthier body. These are excellent reasons to try our result oriented weight loss patch.

Midwest Nutrition's Tyr-Somatostatin weight loss patch delivers a very special advanced peptide that burns body fat without any of the negative effects of the so-called “fat-burners” like caffeine, ephedrine or Guarana; common ingredients in other weight loss products and diet pills. Our weight loss patch will not suppress your natural thyroid production, a common negative effect received from other weight loss products and diet pills. T2 has an important effect on the metabolic process. It increases one’s metabolic rate for your body to naturally and healthfully burn calories! The combined effects of Tyr-Somatostatin and T2 work hand in hand to do one thing safely and efficiently: they oxidize and burn body fat. Period! This fat burning weight loss patch will probably amaze you!

* Lose weight safely without negative side effects

* For men & woman of all ages

* Wholesome loss of deep abdominal fat for achieving optimum weight goals

* Lowers body fat ratios, naturally slims

* Excellent for all types of fitness/workout routines

* Transdermal skin patch has an 8-hour time-release

* Direct to bloodstream delivery of patch’s ingredients

* Healthful formula oxidizes & naturally burns body fat

Our proprietary Tyr-Somatostatin and T2 weight loss formula works because it is delivered via our time-released transdermal patch. Tyr-Somatostatin will not work if taken as a pill or a capsule. The digestive system treats Tyr-Somatostatin as any protein, it digests Tyr-Somatostatin and then naturally neutralizes its incredible fat burning properties! Poof! The exclusive Tyr-Somatostatin and T2 formula in our transdermal time-release fat burning weight loss patch bypasses the digestive system thereby delivering the formula directly into your blood stream at full dosage strength!

Our weight loss patch is an Advanced Fat-Burner for Male and Female Athletes - Like No Other Weight Loss Product! Our exclusive dual fat burning weight loss patch provides superior results for any man or woman athlete who wants to lower their body fat ratio. Our patch delivers the patch’s ingredients directly into your blood stream over an eight hour period, ensuring complete metabolization plus targeting the unwanted deep abdominal body fat, where many weight loss supplements fall short. The Bottom Line: Any man or woman with a consistent workout or exercise regimen may see results that literally blow them away in comparison to any other fat burning weight loss supplement brand! Truly amazing!

If You are Not Into Exercising Do Not Worry, our Patch Can Still Help! Eating sensibly is the key; while you watch your body fat melt off daily. That being pointed out, if you can motivate yourself to take a “brisk” 30 to 45 minute walk 3, 4 or more times per week, you will accelerate the weight loss fat burning process enjoyed by those using our weight loss patch. Our patch will gift you the enjoyment of many health and fitness benefits that even moderate exercise can deliver. If you are not into walking, you can ride an exercise or regular bike, swim, jog, or play a sport. Anything that increases your heart rate for 30 to 45 minutes is great! However, if you persist on being a “couch potato” this patch will still work!

If you have any medical concerns about our weight loss patch, losing weight or have health concerns that need to be addressed before losing weight, be certain to consult with your primary physician. Want a diet right for you? Consult a qualified certified dietitian and/or nutritionist or your healthcare provider. It is best to do what is healthful for you!

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