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HGH Patches

Product Description

 HGH Patches-Homeopatic HGH- Max Power HGH, 25mg per week, 5 mg per day - For Significant Workout & Exercise Regimens!


3,000 times more HGH Homeopatic than other brand HGH patches or sprays. 20 patches is a
 30-Day Supply 

Our HGH 5mg 5 days on and 2 days off sequenced to stimulate fastest results! Buy HGH  Online Today.


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 Buy HGH Patches


We have Wholesale Orders available

Our HGH Homeopatic Maximum Power HGH, 5mg patch is out number 1 seller, and the HGH Patch is the best way to take  because HGH has a very short life in the body. It is far better for strength, and healing to get 5mg per day for 5 days, than the 25mg 1 day on 4 days off patch. It is specifically formulated for bodybuilders and athletes who perform an intense physical fitness regimen. Our HGH supplements can increase Body Strength, Lean Muscle Mass, Personal Energy, Concentration, Physical Power, Stamina, Load Capacity, Body Fat Burn, Healing, the Pump up Muscles, Personal Reaction Time, Faster Exercise Recovery Time, and one’s Blood Oxygen Carrying Capacity throughout the Cardiovascular system.

Our Homeopatic HGH, Maximum Strength 5mg patch is a very powerful muscle building supplement, and it is a natural testosterone booster.It is the master hormone that raise all of your hormones, is a safe alternative to the high priced HGH injections. They are available for a fraction of what the HGH injections cost without compromising on strength and quality. One HGH Maximum Strength 5mg patch, every day 5 days per week, delivers a transdermal dosage of 5mg of HGH throughout a 24 hour period.

HGH Patches

Our HGH Maximum Strength 5mg dose delivers 2,500 times more HGH than alternative HGH patch or spray brands. Our 21st century transdermal patch is revolutionary and a quick to use.

While using our high tech patch, expect a huge increase in: Personal Energy, Concentration, Body Strength, Lean Muscle Mass, Physical Power, Stamina, Load Capacity, Pump up Muscles, Personal Reaction Time, Healing and Faster Exercise Recovery Time.

You do not want your HGH supplement to bypass the Liver! 

In contrast to claims made by other supplement brands, you will not circumvent the natural body process where the liver breaks down HGH into component growth factors, with IFG-1 (Insulin Growth Factor-1) being the most common growth factor, from our HGH products. These growth factors found in every body, each having a specific bodily function, make the body’s natural process work at optimal levels. Our patches Introduce HGH into your body’s system; quickly processed by the liver into various component growth factors in a natural, safe and effective fashion.

If you have ever wondered why there are well known athletes who risk their world-class reputations and livelihoods by taking HGH to elevate their athletic performance, the answer is this: HGH works!

Remember to consult a nutritionist, dietitian, licensed physician or a certified personal trainer prior to taking any of our supplements. Be certain to look into properly modifying your diet before beginning any fitness program or personal exercise regimen. Your good health depends upon healthful decisions!



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